Are you aware of what is going on in your city online?

Human traffickers target your city for customers to trade their human goods
The Darknet and online Forums contains content that reveals illegal activities related to your city.

Are you aware of these online crime signals?
We are continuously monitoring the Internet to detect human trafficking and other criminal activities targeting your city.

We harvest and structure the data into actionable intelligence and make these datasets available to (local) governments and cities.

Dataset: Human Trafficking

The internet facilitates communications of your citizens, trading and trafficking of goods from - towards - and within your city.
Human traffickers also use the power of the Internet to connect with their markets. The human trafficking dataset with hundreds of thousands sex advertisements, will get you insights, alerts and an automated Risk analyses that enables you to detect and resolve illegal-, horrific situations for (mainly) young women in your city.

Use case: Prostitution in the Netherlands

Customers: The municipalities of Groningen and Rotterdam and the Dutch National Government.

Enforcing Dutch prostitution regulations and detecting human trafficking situations has been a priority for Dutch cities and Dutch National Government for many years. An important trend in the last decade is that the Dutch prostitution market is moving from physical locations in the cities to online market places. As an effect, traditional observation and regulation methods are no longer sufficient and law enforcment and regulators need to find new ways of getting grip on this phenomenon.

Until 2017, the online information position of the National Police and local governments, depended on a very labor intensive manual process. Because of the growing volume and the dynamics of the online data on sex advertisement sites and forums, it proved to be impossible to get a complete and accurate view on what was actually happening online.

In close co-operation with two major Dutch cities, Web-IQ introduced a data-driven approach to build a solid and topical intelligence position on Dutch online prostitution.
Web-IQ collects and structures data from 25 different sex advertisement sites and related fora. We support the daily operation of regulators by providing the data (both near real-time as the archive) via a faceted search engine, including insights and alerting based on automated risk analyses.

The positive result: this delivered improved insight in what is happening online regarding prostitution, related to a specific country or city and a more efficient and effective enforcement process where the focus has shifted to the important, high-impact cases on trafficking and minority and has led to an increase in arrests.

One of the nominees came out on top according to the jury: the company Web-IQ. The jury was particularly moved by the fact that the company more or less coincidentally encountered criminal activities on the internet and subsequently decided to step up and use the available knowledge and experience to counter it. At the same time, money still had to be earned with Web-IQ’s primary business activities. The - absolutely defensible - self-interest of a company has been made subordinate to a greater good: the societal interest. Thanks to Web-IQ’s technical resources, developed specially for this, police and municipalities have been able to detect victims of human trafficking and forced prostitution and free them from terrible situations.

Jury report Gonsalves award, presented by minister Grapperhaus on November 13th at the High Council in The Hague

Dataset: Tor Hidden Services and Online Forums

The anonymity of the Darknet has proven to attract criminal minds that discuss subjects and opportunities that threaten your organisation, country, city, brand or product.
Until now using this open but very much unorganized set of data was hard. The DarkCloud Darknet dataset, with millions of pages from the Tor hidden services and updated daily, will get you instantly tapped in and deliver you the opportunity to learn, prevent, detect and investigate.

Key Features

Search Engine

The secure browser based User Interface offers a full featured search engine, including advanced query features, categorization, filtering and drill downs, dashboards and visual navigation.

API Access

Use our secure API to integrate (Darknet) Forums & Trafficking Data search in your own services.

Data Snapshots

Snapshots of the raw data and derived dataset can be delivered on request.


Instantly get notified if a specific person (nickname, phone number or bitcoin address), advertisement, city, organization or event is mentioned on the Advertisement sites or Forums and be alerted when new activity is detected.


Get custom insights and discover trends via smart dashboards.
Find hotspots where vendors and buyers meet and dissect their online network.


Use full text search to explore millions of Darknet documents and extracted entities like bitcoin addresses, user names and risk factors.

Support from the experts

We have years of experience in OSINT investigations and use our own data and technology every day.

Use the (Darknet) Forums & Trafficking Data knowledge of our experts to get a running start on your cases and work more effectively. We gladly help out to explore the Darknet angle from dead ends in your investigations. If your interest is research, we can help by guiding your analyses to make sure you get the most out of our vast dataset.

Customers and Partners

Belgium Police Antwerp
Dutch National Police
Municipality of Groningen NL
Municipality of Rotterdam NL
Municipality of The Hague NL
Municipality of Leeuwarden NL
Municipality of Utrecht NL
Municipality of Ede NL
Municipality of Almere NL

Our Plan & Pricing

Safe City package

from € 2,250 / mo

  • Access for one team
  • Full Access to Darknet Search Engine
  • Full API Access
  • Dataset Darknet
  • Dataset Trafficking & Forums
  • Data snapshots on request
  • Quarterly THB Review for your City
  • Technical and Intel support
Minimum of 3 months. Annual contract € 25,000